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“All children should have the opportunity to grow up in safe and nurturing surroundings. 
Our goal is to optimize their health, increase their educational options and empower them 
with knowledge for the future.” 
Rita Holm Gustafsson
(Co-founder, Kids Ark Foundation)

KIDS ARK FOUNDATION is a registered non-profit organization with no religious or political affiliations. We are committed to helping disadvantaged Thai and ethnic minority children whose lives have been affected by poverty. The foundation’s work is carried out in northwest Thailand where we serve between 250 and 300 children.

OUR VISION is to break the cycle of poverty for these marginalized and at-risk children by creating and supporting opportunities directed at optimizing their all-round development.

OUR MISSION is to see that the children are cared for in a safe and supportive environment, that they receive healthy meals and food assistance for themselves and their families when needed, and that they have an opportunity to attend school. In accordance with the The United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (, Kids Ark is dedicated to making sure the children we serve are awarded these rights.

At Kids Ark we believe knowledge is the most effective weapon against the pitfalls associated with entering the drug trade, having to stay home and work, marrying young, or succumbing to various forms of trafficking and sexual exploitation. Through our CHILD SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM we match children with sponsors who support them through their compulsory education (grades 1-9) and often beyond.

Our HOUSE OF HOPE AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS offer educationally-based activities, such as: homework help; computer techniques; handicraft; self defense; health and hygiene; gardening; cooking; sports; language skills; and esteem-building games and activities. There the children are able to shower and enjoy a nutritious meal.

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