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Anusara Kannika

anusara04A nursing scholarship changed her life

Anusara Kannika was helped through nursing school and went on to work as a nurse, get married and start her own family. “Kids Ark and my godparents lit the light in my life,” she says.

My name is Anusara Kannika and I was sponsored by Kids Ark. My sponsors name was Khun Ulf from Sweden and I will never forget him. I got a scholarship from secondary 2 at Watmeakadnoi school, Chiangmai province until I finished university (1998 – 2007) .

I would like to thank Kids Ark foundation for giving me this opportunity to study and realize how important education is for my future. Without this I would not have been able to finish high school and find a job.

I wasn’t a smart girl but I tried hard to study because I come from a poor family. My parents divorced when I was young, my father went away from home to work so I went to live with my grandparents, who were my everything. I was also very lucky to meet a good teacher, my friends and Kids Ark who supported me when I nearly gave up. When I went to school I got just 20 baht to buy food and sweets at school but my scholarship from Kids Ark paid for my school fees and school supplies. At the weekend even though I was tired I helped my grandmother make Thai sweets to sell for extra money.

After school I continued studying still supported by Kids Ark and got a place at Payap University at the nurse faculty. The school is private and fees are high so my grandmother couldn’t pay. I thought I would have to cancel my place but the university said that I have a good GPA (Grade point average) So I could get the place for half the price. I told Kids Ark and got help from them and went on to study at the nurse faculty for 4 years.

I first worked as a nurse at Nakornping hospital for 3 years and after that I got married and moved to Puekdeang hospital in Rayong province. Now I have a three-year-old daughter.

Kids Ark and my godparents lit the light in my life and made it possible for me to have a better existence.

I would like to thank again Kids Ark Foundation and all godparents for changing my life and those of other children.   I believe: “If you build a temple it might fracture over time but if you build a human by giving them education it will make them progress and get a better life”.

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