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Montira Boonsuang

Montira BoonsongA trained accountant now working for a tour company

Montira Boonsuang lost her father to HIV and her mother is living with the virus but despite that she has trained as an accountant and is working for a tour company. She supports herself and her family.

My father died away from HIV when I was 10 years old and my mother is living with the virus. When my father passed away I felt sad as we had no head of the family to support it. I went to live with my mother and grandmother and then I got a scholarship from Kids Ark.

First I wanted to be teacher and but when I started studying I realized that was the wrong choice for me. When I finished secondary 3 I started studying accounting at Chiang Mai vocational school where I still get a scholarship from Kids Ark.

After I finished my vocational certificate I thought I would find a job because my mother couldn’t pay for university. Then Kids Ark staff visited and said they would continue to support me so I can pass the exam.

I studied accounting for four years at Ratchmangkala University where Kids Ark paid my fees. They also helped my mother earn by sewing for Kids Ark. During that time I worked part time job at the weekend and during the school holidays to earn extra.

After school I got a new job at A Chinese tour company, CCT-Express where I have been working for six months. Sometimes I go out with the tour guide and I will receive my diploma in September.

I would like to thank Kids Ark and my sponsor for the opportunity. I have a better life and can support myself and my family.

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