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Nana Ja-em

I am Nana Ja-em. I live in Po-hi village, Mae-ai, Chiangmai. My family is poor and I have many brothers and sisters. My parent is temporary employee and sometime they are unemployed. I received scholarship from Kids Ark Foundation for 5 years since I was in high school (grade 9) till I graduated from high vocational certificate.

When I graduated from my junior high school, I not only faced family’s financial problem but also my house was on fire. At the t

ime, I realized that my family was not able to support my school fee any further, although I wanted to study so much. Therefore, I thought of giving up my study and start working.

Luckily, one day, my teacher asked me whether I wanted to continue my study. I answered her that I really wanted to continue my study but I could not do so as I did not have any money. My teacher told me that Kids Ark Foundation would give me scholarship for my high school. I was very happy to able to continue my study as I believe education is the only hope that can fulfil my future life.

After I graduated from high school, Kids Ark Foundation kindly supported me with scholarship in high vocational certificate. I studied in Hospitality Program at Fang Vocational Education College, Ta-torn branch. Now, I graduated from the college and start working so I will be able to support myself for my higher education in the future.

I would like to express my thankful to Kids Ark Foundation for giving me this valuable opportunity, which my family was unable to give me. With the help from the foundation, I am now graduated from the collage and have a job that can support my family. Although my income is quite low but I will endeavor unflaggingly and be enthusiastic for better knowledge and education.

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