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Panumas Kunyotying

PanumasKunyotying300PanumasKunyotying is 23 years old and in her final year of university studying architecture. She lost both parents while still young and was brought up by her grandmother and aunt. This is what she wrote to her sponsor.

Dear Sponsor,

I am 23 years old. I am studying for architecture major at Rajamangala University of Teachnology Lanna. This year is the last year for me to study at this university. This semester is the first semester and I will graduate in July in 2016.

I would like to be an Architect. I would like to work in Chiang Mai first then I would like to work in another province or maybe in Bangkok to get more experience and learn more things from different companies.
Since I got a scholarship from Kids Ark until now has been 14 years and the first time I started was in year 2001 and in that time I was studying in primary 4 at Watmeakadnoi School and I lived with my grandmother. My mother passed away when I was in primary 1, I do not have any memory of my father because he passed away when I was so very young.

I got a very good opportunity from Kids Ark to get a scholarship. I would like to say thank you so much to my god-parents – The RoslagensSparbank and Khun Christian as well. The scholarship goes to support my education because my grandmother cannot support me like that because she getting old and she cannot work hard at this time. I remember when I studied in primary 6 I attended a camping trip with friends from whom got scholarship from Kids Ark also and since then I have met many friends. I participated in many activities on the camping trip. I got a bicycle and was so very happy to be able to ride my bicycle to school every day but before that my grandmother took me to school or sometimes I walked because the school was not far from my house, my grandmother was very sick from diabetes and a heart disease and stayed in hospital for about 8 months until she passed away that was such a very hard time for me because I was so close to my grandmother. We did a lot of things together such as she took me to school and took me to go to made merit at the temple and I helped her do the house work. I went to live with my aunt after my grandmother passed away.

I like drawing pictures mostly of nature, art, sports –especially cycling and I like pop music, I feel relaxed and ideas come to my head when I listen to music while I do my homework or drawing. I like to attend all activities at school. I know myself what I want to study and I love everything about art it was not difficult for me to choose this subject at school. I wanted to study architecture but in the start I did not know so much about architecture, I just know when I graduate with this kind of occupation and become an architect I will love my job.

While I studied for my certificate I proposed to do an exam at Rajamangala University of Teachnology Lanna for architecture major and I did it I was so proud of myself because I did not take any extra tutored classes as the same as my friends did also I got good news that my god-parents will go on to support me until I’ve finished my studies, I am so glad because there are more living costs in university. University is not the same as vocational school or primary school, in vocational school and primary school most things needed for learning were supplied by the school but at university I have to buy all the school supplies myself.

I need to use a good quality computer because most of my work is using a computer for such things as computer design and at the beginning I didn’t own a computer because I didn’t have the money but then my aunty gave me some money but I had to pay by installments and I had to find a part time job to pay for it but then I wrote a letter to Kids Ark staff (YA), Khun Christian visited me at school and gave me money from kind support from the bank to buy a computer and now I don’t have to pay by installments and the computer is still working until now, I am so thankful for my god-parents.

I stay in an apartment with my friends, we share a room together near the school because my house is a little far from university and sometimes I have to work late with my homework and attended activities so I decided to stay near by the school. During the school holidays I try to do part time jobs such as construction drawing, handicrafts or whatever else I can do to get money to support myself.

In the fourth year the students have to do an internship, I did the internship at a small design company, all the staff there were so kind and taught me many things that I could not learn from class. After I finished the internship the manager asked me if I can do some part time work in his company in the weekends or when I have free time. In the fifth year I have to do thesis and I don’t always have time for work because my thesis is so difficult and takes time and I want to get it finished and send it to my teacher in time.

Since I have been studying and working I have grown up a lot, I have more responsibilities now that I don’t have support from my parents such as the same as my friends. I concentrate and study really hard and will not give up, 14 years with support from Kids Ark and The RoslagensSparbank , I would like to say thank you so much , I do not know how I can give back I came from being an orphan child and did not have anything but now I have the opportunity to study and really make something of myself, education is so important and I will get a better life and a better future .

I promise I will be a good girl and give rather than take. I will do voluntary work for Kids Ark or another as much as I can.

Yours sincerely,


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