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Pimpaka Kamon

PimpakaA Bachelor’s Degree in tourism

Pimpaka Kamon lost her father at a young age but went on to study at university and achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in tourism. She says she will never forget what her KidsArk godparents did for her.

I come from a poor family, my father passed away when I was young, and I live with my mother and older brother. My mother has worked hard for us even though her health is not good. I worked during the school holidays to earn money for my schooling. I got a scholarship from Kids Ark from secondary 2 until I finished university with help for fees, transportation and school supplies. I was often given extra money by my godparents who always visited me when they came to Chiang Mai. They took me to the zoo and for dinner at a nice restaurant. They still come to see me when they come to Chiang Mai and they always bring gifts. I still keep all their letters and souvenirs.

I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in tourism. I studied hard because education is important and can change my life.

Now I am working at a tour company in Chiang Mai where I learn a lot of new things every day from tourists and I enjoy my work very much.

Thank you so much to Kids Ark and my sponsors for the scholarship. I will never forget any of you.

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