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Prasert Panpakarin

Prasert PanpakarinFrom school dropout to hotel worker

The loss of his mother at an early age led Praset Panpakarin to dropout of school but with the help of KidsArk he returned and now works as a hotel cashier. He has a dream to become a tour guide.

I am Prasert Panpakarin and I come from a poor family who live in the country far from Chiang Mai near the Burmese boarder. I am of Lahu ethnicity. I remember that I got a scholarship from Kids Ark when I was in primary 5. It helped my education and also helped to support my family because sometimes we did not have enough rice to eat. When I finished elementary school I continued on to high school l at boarding school. The scholarship helped me a lot because my parents had an uncertain income and most of the time my father was drunk. During the school holidays I worked at an orange farm or in the garden to earn extra money.

While I was at high school my mother passed away and I was very sad and could not imagine how I could go on as my father could not support my education. My older brother has a family and many children to take care of and another brother ended up going to jail. At that time I dropped out of school but Kids Ark staff explained how important my education was and persuaded me to continue.

The turning point of my life came when I finished high school. I wanted to go to university but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish because of the cost of accommodation and studying. Then I got good news from my godparents that they would continue to support me and I was very happy. I studied English at Chiang Rai Ratchabath University because at that time I wanted to be a guide and come back to develop my village.

I was very happy when my sponsor Khun Christian came to visit me in the village or at university always bringing presents from Roslagensspar Bank for me.

I would like to thank everybody, my god-parents (Roslagensspar Bank), KhunRita, Khun Allan, Christian and the Kids Ark staff for the great opportunity they gave me .

I am now working as a cashier at the hotel where I did my internship and sometimes I earn extra money as a waiter. Now I get income to support myself, my father and two nieces. I am very proud of myself because I worked hard and when I gave up I was supported by Kids Ark to get back on my feet. I can’t find work as a guide in my village but I still have it as a dream.

Thanks Kids Ark for everything.

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