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Robins House of Hope

A Swedish lady brought her two teenage sons to Thailand a couple of times. Robin her 15 year old dreamt of living in Thailand to assist the disadvantaged children he met there.
Robin also wanted to work to change the violence he saw in Stockholm  to give  youth there a better future. He didn´t see Swedes and Thais. He just saw young people  with little opportunity and thus falling into  despair. Whether in the urban confines of Stockholm or the rural villages in Thailand he just saw other kids yearning for a better life and he wanted to make a difference. Unfortunately Robin became a victim of the very violence he sought to change. He and his brother  were shot in Stockholm, killing Robin and putting his brother in a wheelchair for life.
His family wanted to work  through Kids Future and Kids Ark to provide a living memorial to Robins short life.
In conjunction with Kids Ark we are naming our next House of Hope Robin´s Dream as a tribute to Robin´s aspirational dream of assisting other youth to rise out of poverty through education.

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