Individuals or groups can directly sponsor a child through our Child Sponsorship Program. Your support makes it possible for a child to attend school and obtain the minimal Thai educational requirements, which include grades 1 through 9. The student will receive a monthly stipend to cover school expenses from a bank account set up for them and overseen by a caretaker and teacher. Money can only be withdrawn with the signature of all three parties.

In addition to receiving an education, the program serves as an alternative to children having to stay home and work, and as a deterrent to entering high-risk trades or falling victim to human trafficking.

Sponsors are urged to commit to supporting the child from the grade they are presently in through grade 9. After that, we encourage sponsors to continue their support if the student wishes to extend their education by attending vocational school or university.


YOUR SPONSORSHIP makes it possible for a child to receive an education, giving that child a route out of poverty and the possibility of reaching their full potential. The child’s progress is monitored by caring teachers and staff. Additionally, your support helps to diminish the child’s chances of succumbing to the common pitfalls that lure so many disadvantaged children and youth living in Northwestern Thailand.

SPONSORS stay connected with the student they support by receiving annual updates and progress reports. During the holidays, sponsors receive greeting cards handmade by the children. Kids Ark welcomes and encourages sponsors to visit the child they support at school and in their village or community, which is a unique opportunity and heartwarming experience for all.


MoyKreu  Pangnoi

Age:  8 Grade: 4

Shan (Thai Yai) without Thai citizenship

Moykreu is a 10 year old girl in primary 4 at Banhuaypoo School in Mae Ai District. Her 7 year old brother, Pee, is in primary 1 at the same school and both attend the House of Hope after-school program. They have a 3 month old brother, Ton.The children live with their mother, stepfather and grandmother. The mother must stay home with their young brother and the grandmother is too old to work. Their stepfather works in construction and earns 350 Thai Baht, not enough to provide for a family of six. They need additional support for food and for the children to be able to stay in school and continue going to the House of Hope.Regardless of her family’s situation, Moy is a hopeful young girl who loves each day that she and her brother get to attend school and join their friends at the House of Hope.

Orathai Paknoi

Age:  10 Grade: 4

Ethnic minority Dara-ang without Thai citizenship

Pat is a bright and determined young girl who faces significant challenges. She lives with her parents and younger sister in a house located below hills that are at high risk of landslides. Her parents are farmers who struggle to make ends meet, and there are times when they don’t have enough money to support Pat’s and her sister’s basic needs.

Despite these difficulties, Pat is an excellent student currently in the third grade at Prapanaree School. She earned an impressive 3.90 GPA in her last semester, proving that she is intelligent and hardworking. Her favorite subject is math, as she enjoys the challenge of solving problems and working with numbers.

In her free time, Pat loves to read books, even though her house lacks electricity. She often reads by candlelight, demonstrating her remarkable dedication to learning. Pat dreams of becoming a nurse so she can help others in need.

Napat  Morkngoen

Age: 8 Grade: 1

Ethnic minority Dara-ang without Thai citizenship

Napat is in primary 1 at Chumchonbankai School in Mae Na Wang, Mae Ai District, Chiang Mai. She has 3 siblings. Her oldest sister, of a different father, has a child of her own. Napat’s older brother is in grade 5. Napat’s parents work in agriculture at a rice, corn and bean farm. Sometimes they will work at an orange farm. They work hard to provide for their family of six, but the additional costs of school supplies, transportation and food for Napat and her brother put an additional strain on their meager budget. In spite of the family’s situation, Napat is a cheerful girl who spreads joy to those around her. She dreams of becoming a nurse when she grows up.

Chaiyakorn Sangtan

Age: 14 Grade: 7

Ethnic minority Dara-ang without Thai citizenship

Chaiyakorn’s parents are divorced. His mother works in housekeeping at Sansai Hospital. She sends $94 USD/month to the grandmother who cares for Chaiyakorn and his brother in the village. She occasionally has work or will weave for some extra income. His father has a neurological problem and is unable to work, but lives in the village.

Chaiyakorn can hear and understand, but he cannot speak. As a result, he is behind his peers in school. His grandmother would like to see him go to vocational school where he can learn a trade that will get him a job in the future. Because he is not a Thai citizen, they would have to pay the cost of treatment, which is not possible.

Apinya Naimat

Age: 13 Grade: 6

Ethnic minority Dara-ang

Apinya went to live with her father after her parents divorced. Both remarried and she lives with her father, stepmother, brother, grandparents and cousin. She is the only one in her family to hold a Thai ID card because her mother is Thai. Her father has worked at a pig farm and earned $280 USD/month before the COVID pandemic and the African Swine Fever made it difficult if not impossible to work. The Swine Fever killed many of the pigs. He now has little to no income and is trying to care for six family members and himself. Apinya and her cousin must pay $9.50 USD/month for transportation to school, which is not possible.

Apinya is very shy. She would like to become a kindergarten teacher one day, because she loves small children and thinks they are so cute.

Kanawut  Inchai

Age: 8 Grade: 1

Ethnic minority Dara-ang

Kanawut Inchai, nicknamed Ta, studies in primary 1 at Chumchonbankai School in Mae Na Wang, Mae Ai District, Chiang Mai. Ta has five siblings. Two are older and don’t share the same father. His 9-year-old sister studies at the same school in primary 2. He has a younger brother aged 6 who stays in the care of relatives while their parents are at work. During the weekdays Ta and his sister live with their grandparents in the village. Because it’s close to the school, they are able to attend Robin’s House of Hope, where they get help with homework and a nutritious meal. On the weekends Ta and his sister stay with their parents at the farm. They don’t have a house, but a hut with little protection and no electricity. Ta dreams of becoming a policeman when he grows up.

Namfon Sanpatcha

Age: 12 Grade: 4

Ethnic minority Dara-ang

Namfon has 4 siblings, not all from the same father. After her parents divorced, her two older brothers left with their father to live in Nakornrachaseema; a province in northeast Thailand where he is from. Namfon moved to the village with her mother and older sister, who now attends vocational school. Her mother works to support the family, which includes her four year old nephew. Namfon would like to become a police woman because they are smart and know the law. This way, she could help the people in her village not to be so afraid when the police come.

Nutcha Ta

Age: 13 Grade: 6

Ethnic minority Dara-ang without Thai citizenship

Nutcha lives with her parents and older brother. Her brother graduated from grade 9, but had to discontinue his education because there was no money for him to attend school. Like his parents, he gets work when and where can. The family grows rice to eat and corn to sell, but it is not enough because the forest department limits their ability to produce more and the corn sells for a low price. They are forced to go out from the village to find jobs, which have been more scarce since the COVID pandemic began. Nutcha would like to be a nurse so she can help people who are sick. She attends Robin’s House of Hope after-school program.



Kids Ark Foundation is proud to introduce you to some of the graduates who have benefited from our Child Sponsorship and House of Hope Programs. With your generous support, we hope to add many more names to our list of success stories.

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