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Viwat Khumsai


I am Viwat Khumsai or Ton. I am an orphan. I live with my grandfather, who is very old, and a brother. My family is poor. I received scholarship from Kids Ark Foundation since I was in grand 1 till bachelor’s degree. I received the degree in Faculty of Law from Chiang Mai Rajabhat University.

When I was in the university, it was not easy for me at all. I needed to adjust myself a lot. I encountered lot of problems such as financial crisis because I faced high cost of education fee, accommodation expenses and living cost. Fortunately, this problem was solved by my supporters who are Mr. Larry Abramssn, Ms. WeenaThanachaisakul (Goi) and Kids Ark Foundation. Sometime, I worked as a part-time to support my financial as well.

I believe education is very important. Though my school record was at its average, but I tirelessly pushed myself with all my endeavor, patience and my hope for shining future to overcome my obstacles. The day I received my bachelor’s degree was considered “the pride’s day” of my family and I was very delighted.

Now, I work in private law firm; Patcharin Law Firm. I also continue my study in barristor-at-law. I will keep on improving myself till I reach the dream of my career path.

This education opportunity shaped me up to become who I am nowadays. I would like to express my thankful to Kids Ark Foundation, Mrs. Rita Holm Gustafsson, Mr. Larry Abramssn, Ms. WeenaThanachaisakul (Goi) for giving me this education opportunity and believing in my ability.

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