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Werasek Sangen

Weerasak SanguanGiving back to children as a teacher

Werasek Sangen has rebuilt his life after the death of his father from HIV and is now working as a teacher and supporting his mother and brother. “I am very proud to be a teacher and give children knowledge as a teacher,” he said.

My name is Werasak Sangen (everyone calls me Jack) and I am 24 years old with one sibling aged 19. When I was 8 my father passed away from HIV and my brother and I were given a scholarship from Kids Ark. The scholarship supported my education from when I studied in primary 1 up until I received my Bachelor’s Degree in social studies at Chiangmai Ratchbath University in 2015.

I come from a poor family so it was my dream to finish university and Kids Ark has given me this great opportunity of 17 years of education. I am so proud of myself because I studied hard as a student and worked part time to support myself at the same time.

When I finished university I applied to be a teacher and passed the entrance test. For the last ten months I have been working as a government teacher in Rayong province teaching social studies. I’m very proud to be a teacher and give children knowledge for their future. In my school almost all the students are from poor families so I understand them well. With my salary I am able to support my family (my mother and brother). I am not rich but I am so proud of my achievements.

I would like to thank Kids Ark and my godparents who gave me and my brother this amazing opportunity. Also thank you to KhunRita, KhunAllen, sister Deang, sister Ya and sister Meaw (Annie) I don’t know how to put into words how I feel.

I promise to be a good teacher and teach my children to be good and I hope Kids Ark will

continue to give poor and needy children the same chance I got.

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