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Despite Thailand’s economic growth, many Thai and ethnic minority children live in extreme poverty and face enormous challenges. They have limited access to health and education, leaving them vulnerable and at a disadvantage.

These children are more susceptible to entering a high-risk trade, staying home to work, marrying young, or succumbing to various forms of trafficking or sexual exploitation, further perpetuating the cycle of poverty they find themselves in.

At Kids Ark we believe knowledge is the most effective weapon against the pitfalls that lure so many disadvantaged youth, simply because they lack the resources and opportunities necessary to advance themselves.

Our HOUSE OF HOPE after-School programs were established with the intention of providing children with a safe, nurturing place to go after school where they can receive homework help and participate in other educationally-based learning, such as: computer techniques; handicraft; self defense; health and hygiene; life skills; gardening; cooking; sports; language skills and various other esteem-building games and activities. The children are also able to shower and enjoy a nutritious meal. When possible, they take a trip to the sea.

Today, there are three Houses of Hope which serve over 200 children.


Our DAYCARE CENTERS were established to provide early childhood development support to preschool-aged children, facilitating their transition to primary school and increasing their chances of completing a basic education (grades 1-9). It can also serve as the initial stepping stone leading them to vocational school or university, and a route out of poverty and disadvantage.

Today, two of the daycare centers started by Kids Ark are now operated by local Thai authorities. A third daycare center continues to be operated by Kids Ark which 22 children attend.


Through Kids Ark’s Student Sponsorship Program individuals or groups can directly sponsor a child. This support makes it possible for the child to attend school and obtain the minimal Thai educational requirements, which include grades 1 through 9. The student receives a monthly stipend to cover school expenses from a bank account set up for them and overseen by a caretaker and teacher. Money can only be withdrawn with the signature of all three parties. The program further serves as a deterrent to the child being kept home to work, entering a high-risk trade, or falling victim to human trafficking.

Sponsors are urged to commit to supporting their child from the grade they are presently in through grade 9. After that, we encourage sponsors to continue their support if the student wishes to extend their education by attending vocational school or university.

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