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Child Support:

General Support
Government schools often lack the resources needed to give ethnic minority children an opportunity to receive a quality education. By supplementing these resources Kids Ark has created opportunity. We have provided funding to cover salaries for extra teachers, provided extra rice, donated school lunches, and contributed toward transportation for children who face long and sometimes hazardous routes to get to school. Kids Ark has also played a part in enriching school lunches and assisting villagers in generating extra income through the production of local vegetables.

Child sponsorship 
Individuals can directly sponsor a child through our sponsorship programme. This makes it possible for the children to obtain the minimal Thai educational requirements. They receive a monthly stipend to cover school expenses from a bank account set up for them and overseen by a caregiver and a teacher. Money can only be withdrawn with the signature of all three parties. The programme further serves as a deterrent to the children being kept home to work or entering high-risk trades.

Kids Ark has also been able to aid qualified students wishing to continue their education in high school, vocational school, or university.

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