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Kids Ark recognizes the role played by family and in particular women in the development of children and wider society.

The Foundation works with groups of women who are disadvantaged, doubly marginalized and vulnerable to further exploitation.

It provides support for the development of income-generating handicraft activities in their villages which deters their migration to unsafe city slums in search of work. The revenues from the sale of their work contribute to family income and the schooling of their children and helps preserve traditional weaving skills.

Many of the women are talented weavers and create products that reflect their tribal heritage. They work using traditional backstrap looms, where one end of the loom wraps around the weaver’s back and the other is secured. Weavers and sewers often couple their skills to create the final beautiful products.

Working with several women’s cooperatives, Kids Ark assists in the manufacture and sale of these high-quality handicrafts. The Foundation has also donated sewing machines to three villages and taught many of the women to sew.

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