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Korn Janta

Korn Janta I would like to say thank you so much to the Kids Ark Foundation, my godparent, Joan S., for being so kind and supporting me with a scholarship and everything.  I have now finished my bachelor degree in…

Jiraporn Pa ae

Now 23 years old, has been sponsored by Kids Ark Foundation since she was 4 when her parents died and she went to live with her grandmother.  Her grandmother was very poor and did not have a steady income so…

Nana Ja-em

I am Nana Ja-em. I live in Po-hi village, Mae-ai, Chiangmai. My family is poor and I have many brothers and sisters. My parent is temporary employee and sometime they are unemployed. I received scholarship from Kids Ark Foundation for…

Viwat Khumsai

  I am Viwat Khumsai or Ton. I am an orphan. I live with my grandfather, who is very old, and a brother. My family is poor. I received scholarship from Kids Ark Foundation since I was in grand 1…

Pimpaka Kamon

A Bachelor’s Degree in tourism

Pimpaka Kamon lost her father at a young age but went on to study at university and achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in tourism. She says she will never forget what her KidsArk godparents did for her.

Montira Boonsuang

A trained accountant now working for a tour company

Montira Boonsuang lost her father to HIV and her mother is living with the virus but despite that she has trained as an accountant and is working for a tour company. She supports herself and her family.

Anusara Kannika

A nursing scholarship changed her life

Anusara Kannika was helped through nursing school and went on to work as a nurse, get married and start her own family. “Kids Ark and my godparents lit the light in my life,” she says.

Prasert Panpakarin

From school dropout to hotel worker

The loss of his mother at an early age led Praset Panpakarin to dropout of school but with the help of KidsArk he returned and now works as a hotel cashier. He has a dream to become a tour guide.

Werasek Sangen

Giving back to children as a teacher

Werasek Sangen has rebuilt his life after the death of his father from HIV and is now working as a teacher and supporting his mother and brother. “I am very proud to be a teacher and give children knowledge as a teacher,” he said.

Panumas Kunyotying

A young woman building the future.

Panumas Kunyotying is 23 years old and in her final year of university studying architecture. She lost both parents while still young and was brought up by her grandmother and aunt. This is what she wrote to her sponsor.

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